How conscious are you about time and the way you experience it? Have you spent time scrolling mindlessly on your phone or binge-watching your favorite series?

Time is a valuable and equal resource, with 60 minutes in an hour and seven days in a week for everyone. While employers may assign different values to those hours through salaries, it’s important to recognize that employees also gain an experience in return for the time they invest. And you can impact that experience. For many individuals, the majority of their time is devoted to work.

We each have our own rhythm of time. To understand it better, we must recognize its different forms and their effects. If you could gain a deeper awareness and control over your experience of time, what changes would you make for yourself and your employees?

Time is essential for everything we need, have to do, or want to do. It grants us the freedom to act, but also becomes an unavoidable reality as it slips away. By understanding time’s power, we can orchestrate our lives, embracing possibilities and making deliberate choices aligned with our values and aspirations. Time is a symphony waiting for us to conduct its melodies. How will you lead your orchestra?

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